Flawless finish, every time

As experts in their field, the team at Trotter Powder Coating can help you with your commercial or home-renovation project. The team take pride in their workmanship and enjoy powder coating a large range of products from windows, doors and custom-made components to gates and outside furniture.

Trotter Powder Coating has recently upgraded its complete plant including new treatment tanks, product handling systems, booths and a 6.5m state of the art oven.  The plant provides powder coating for high volume commercial projects and smaller powder coating jobs for the restorer, home handyman or renovator.

Dulux Approved Applicator Status has recently been awarded Trotter Powder Coating - one of only a few in the Canterbury region.

Situated next to G & A Harris sheet metal engineers, the two companies often work together to provide outstanding products and efficiencies for larger projects. Get your powder coating project finished at one of Canterbury’s industry leading plants and rest assured it will be immaculate.


Trotter Powder Coating and G & A Harris work from the same modern premises, providing you with greater efficiencies and easy management. Together they are your innovative ‘one-stop’ metal engineering and powder-coating shop.

DULUX Accredited